Get Started with MicroEJ Technology

Welcome! Follow this step-by-step instructional guide to get started with MICROEJ SDK (Software Development Kit) and MICROEJ VEE (Virtual Execution Environment). Learn how to create apps and build a VEE Port by taking advantage of interactive tutorials and extensive technical documentation.

Before you get started, be sure to understand the fundamentals about MICROEJ VEE, and take a look at our glossary page to familiarize yourselves with MicroEJ key terminology.

What you will do:

Choose a starter kit


Watch the Get Started Tutorial

Get Started with MICROEJ VEE

What you will learn:

  • How to run an app using a Virtual Device.
  • How to run an app on a real development board.
  • Discover more examples and guided tutorials to go further with MicroEJ technology.

Choose Your Starter Kit


STMicroelectronics STM32F7508-DK

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Silicon and Module Vendors


MICROEJ VEE implementations have been created for many architectures and microcontroller families. MicroEJ has a strong relationship with many silicon vendors and technology providers in the embedded industry.

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Embedded Systems Developer Guide

Develop an App Using a Ready-to-Use MicroEJ Firmware

Go further with MicroEJ by experimenting with our ready-to-use Multi-Sandbox Firmware for the STM32F7508-DK. Create, test and execute a widget demo easily on a Virtual Device or real development board, without worrying about low-level software or hardware porting.

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Create a MicroEJ Firmware From Scratch

Follow this one hour tutorial to know more about how MicroEJ is integrated to a C Board Support Package. No board is required to complete this tutorial.

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Go Further

Get ready to upgrade your device with GUI & Connectivity tools, file system, and more.

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Developer Documentation

Explore our Documentation to learn the basics about creating apps or VEE Ports.

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Embedded Development Forum
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Developer Forum

Tips and tricks, insights and discussions… MicroEJ community helps you solve your challenges!

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Embedded Development Forum
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Browse MicroEJ’s GitHub

Go deeper by exploring examples and tutorials to learn more about MicroEJ’s technology.

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