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Intelligent IoT Communications

MicroEJ provides secure, publish-subscribe bi-directional, lightweight IoT communications between connected devices such as sensors and actuators and the Cloud. Specifically designed for IoT applications, MicroEJ IoT tools and libraries brings many benefits to developer teams:

  • Maximize available bandwidth for connections with remote locations where a “small code footprint” is required or the network bandwidth is limited
  • Enhanced security: permission-based security eliminates vulnerable and insecure client connections
  • Easy scalability from a single device to thousands
  • Reduced update rates to seconds
  • Extremely lightweight


Efficient Device Management

MicroEJ technology enables partial updates, which means Cloud connectors apps can be updated without having to change the entire device firmware, or restart the device. Developers can manage their entire fleet from a single web-interface, and manage their app life cycle remotely (install, uninstall, start, stop).

Reliable Data Collection

MicroEJ technology is widely used in IoT industrial applications, where data collected by the device (called telemetry) can be very important, if not data collected by thousands of devices simultaneously. MicroEJ preserves your telemetry data thanks to its high computing power, which enables to relieve the Cloud and delocate data management to the edge.

Google Cloud IoT Core


Google Cloud IoT Core

By clicking on “Explore” start your journey of discovering how to interact with Google Cloud IoT Core using MicroEJ. Enjoy a bi-directional communication using a tailored library that shares the same abstraction as the Google Cloud IoT Core service, connect a MicroEJ Device to a its counterpart in the cloud and enjoy a seamless and secure synchronization of data between edge devices and cloud.


MQTT demo AWS IoT Core


AWS IoT Core

By clicking on the link below, discover a demo of MQTT publish & subscribe functionalities for AWS IoT Core.


Using IOT Libraries APIs

This project gathers simple Sandboxed application using NET libraries.

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HOKA User Guide

Go to our developer documentation to learn how to use the HOKA HTTP web server framework.

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HOKA Web Server

This project contains examples using the Hoka HTTP Server.

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Wi-Fi Set-Up

This repository contains the projects to setup a Wi-Fi connection using the SoftAP mode a Wi-Fi chip.

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MICROEJ SDK offers software libraries for connectivity middleware:

  • Support for wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zwave, Zibgee, LPWAN, etc.
  • Major IoT protocols including Thread, MQTT, COAP, REST, HTTP
  • Payload data formats: JSON, CBOR, etc.
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