MicroEJ and NXP synergies

  • Binary software portability guaranteed across the NXP MCU/MPU/Crossover portfolio
  • High performance on cost-effective NXP MCUs/MPUs
  • Low energy consumption and enhanced battery life
  • Optimal security thanks to highly effective sandboxes
  • Rich UX/UI libraries and tools (including vector graphics)
  • Application Store for easy device software content management
  • Over 20 million engineers knowledgeable in MicroEJ technology

NXP Platform Accelerator Software

New! Platform Accelerator

The NXP Platform Accelerator seamlessly merges MicroEJ’s VEE software containers with standard APIs, enabling smartphone-like development processes and software portability across NXP’s RTOS-based MCUs and Linux-based applications processors.

This integrated solution includes development tools such as simulation, virtual device management, and agile collaboration processes. Compatible with Android Studio, IntelliJ, and Eclipse IDEs, the accelerator also features dedicated APIs for power management and graphics functions, streamlining the utilization of NXP’s robust hardware IP.

Keep an eye out for the Platform Accelerator pictogram to try one of the evaluation kits available for evaluation!


Build Your First VEE for the i.MX RT1170 EVK

Unlock the potential of the NXP VEE for i.MX RT1170 EVK with our comprehensive Get Started Guide! Learn to set up, build, and customize applications, explore native C functions integration, and get familiar with MicroEJ technology.

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Build Your First VEE for the i.MX RT595 EVK

The NXP VEE for i.MX RT595 EVK project allows you to develop Java applications within a Virtual Execution Environment. You’ll use an EVK simulator, integrate VEE with GCC, work with the G1120B0MIPI display panel, and explore Foundation Libraries and sample applications.

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Supported NXP's Evaluation and Development Boards

ARM Cortex-M0+

ARM Cortex-M3


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ARM Cortex-M4

ARM Cortex-M7

i.MX RT1050

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i.MX RT1170

 NXP Platform Accelerator i.MX RT1170

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ARM Cortex-M33

i.MX RT595
NXP Platform Accelerator i.MX RT595


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NEW / RW612

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ARM Cortex-A53


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ARM Cortex-A55

NEW / i.MX93

NXP i.MX 93

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ARM Cortex-A7


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