Discover how to build your products using outstanding technologies made ready for embedded software developers. MicroEJ tools and libraries enable you to easily create:

  • Custom Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) for your IoT devices
  • Appealing and intuitive embedded graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Seamless device and Cloud connectivity
  • Custom application store for your devices and safe distribution of your software assets across your organization and partner ecosystem
Discover MicroEJ

New MicroEJ Central Repository v3.2.0

Visit MicroEJ Central Repository to discover our ready-to use software libraries useful for building your applications. Discover major updates on subjects such as:

  • NET: Add support for UTF-8 encoded Wifi SSIDs
  • NLS: Add processing of Android’s String resources (XML) files
  • And much more!
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Build Your First Virtual Execution Envionnement

Build your own Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) with MICROEJ SDK on the STM32F7508-DK board. Follow this step-by-step tutorial, and use our rich set of libraries and tools to start prototyping your next product.

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Replay Live Embedded Event – Ultra Low Power on the i.MX RT500 and MICROEJ VEE

MicroEJ gave a speech at Live Embedded Event to highlight the benefits of our Virtual Execution Environment MICROEJ VEE, to design low-power devices. Check out the replay!


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Get access to our featured starter kits (available with or without hardware) to let you try and evaluate our technology. Happy coding!

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Discover MicroEJ Runtime

Runtime Embedded DevelopmentMICROEJ VEE is a trusted virtual execution environment in which your applications can be executed in a reliable and secure manner thanks to thorough secure partitioning.


Beautiful fast Embedded GUI by MicroEJ


Build for Embedded GUI

MicroEJ’s embedded GUI solution provides you with efficient tools and libraries to create elegant and effective graphical user interfaces, even on low-cost / low-power processors such as microcontrollers.

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IoT Connectivity


Build for IoT Connectivity

By combining processors dedicated to connectivity (Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.) and various IoT protocols, create your IoT products enabled by rich software content.

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Design with JavaScript

MICROEJ Kifaru opens up embedded development to the millions JavaScript developers across the globe. MICROEJ Kifaru is compatible with all existing MicroEJ libraries (see our resources), but also JavaScript libraries using npm and common JavaScript tools such as Babel.

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Android™ Compatibility Kit

MICROEJ VEE solution now support Android Studio and Gradle, enabling the same application to be developed, simulated, tested, and run on Android and MicroEJ alike.

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MicroEJ Developer Resources



You are already a MicroEJ user and looking for a specific resource for your ongoing project? Go to our resources page to find docs, how-to, examples, libraries, tools, VEE implementations and firmware references in order to build your app or VEE.

Resources and Libraries

MicroEJ Developer Central Repository


Central Repository

On our central repository, you’ll find a wide range of software artifacts that can extend your MICROEJ SDK development environment.

Central Repository

MicroEJ APIs


MicroEJ APIs

Explore Java packages and classes available to application developers.

MicroEJ APIs