Discover how to build your products using outstanding technologies made ready for embedded software developers. MicroEJ tools and libraries enable you to easily create:

  • Custom Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) for your IoT devices
  • Appealing and intuitive embedded graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Seamless device and Cloud connectivity
  • Custom application store for your devices and safe distribution of your software assets across your organization and partner ecosystem
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Embedded Software Development

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MicroEJ Empowers Java & Android Developers in IoT Development with New SDK6

MICROEJ SDK v6, now seamlessly compatible with the top Android and Java integrated development environments: Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse.

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NXP Platform Accelerator Powered by MicroEJ

JUST IN! As one of NXP’s esteemed Platinum partners, we’re thrilled to introduce the NXP Platform Accelerator, a brand-new solution developed collaboratively by NXP and MicroEJ. Get all the details now!

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VEE Port for NXP i.MX RT1170 EVK

MICROEJ VEE combined with NXP’s i.MX RT1170 MCU offers immense processing power for diverse applications: industrial control, IoT, and consumer electronics.
This version features an i.MX RT1170 EVK simulator for app development and testing on a PC. It includes a front panel displaying the EVK and its RK055HDMIPI4MA0 screen in the simulator, along with high-level libraries for developers.

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Get access to our featured starter kits (available with or without hardware) to let you try and evaluate our technology. Happy coding!

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Discover MicroEJ Runtime

Runtime Embedded DevelopmentMICROEJ VEE is a trusted virtual execution environment in which your applications can be executed in a reliable and secure manner thanks to thorough secure partitioning.


Beautiful fast Embedded GUI by MicroEJ


Build for Embedded GUI

MicroEJ’s embedded GUI solution provides you with efficient tools and libraries to create elegant and effective graphical user interfaces, even on low-cost / low-power processors such as microcontrollers.

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IoT Connectivity


Build for IoT Connectivity

By combining processors dedicated to connectivity (Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.) and various IoT protocols, create your IoT products enabled by rich software content.

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Wearable Demo on NXP i.MX RT595 Crossover MCU

Exploiting NXP i.MX RT595 full potential.

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Weather Demo on Sony’s Spresense

Easily create a weather demo for the Sony’s Spresense Development Board.

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GUI Demo with Morisawa Fonts

Conquer new markets with cutting edge Asian fonts that will amaze your customers and facilitate product internationalization.

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MicroEJ Developer Resources



You are already a MicroEJ user and looking for a specific resource for your ongoing project? Go to our resources page to find docs, how-to, examples, libraries, tools, VEE implementations and firmware references in order to build your app or VEE.

Resources and Libraries

MicroEJ Developer Central Repository


Central Repository

On our central repository, you’ll find a wide range of software artifacts that can extend your MICROEJ SDK development environment.

Central Repository

MicroEJ APIs


MicroEJ APIs

Explore Java packages and classes available to application developers.

MicroEJ APIs