Your device-to-cloud connection made easy!

IoT and edge computing is becoming a de-facto standard of the next Internet revolution. In these pages we will study a practical example of how to bridge embedded computing and cloud computing. The edge device will be powered by MicroEJ VEE (Virtual Execution Environment) and will communicate with Google Cloud IoT Core. Here is a synopsis of this easy-to-use example:

  • Install MICROEJ Studio on your computer, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE.
  • Configure your Google Cloud IoT Core project.
  • Simulate the communicating IoT device on your computer thanks to a Virtual Device.
  • Evaluate on real hardware (NXP OM13098 Kit) the connection to Google Cloud IoT Core.


Setup your MICROEJ Studio and your Google Cloud account.


Communicate with Google Cloud IoT Core with a Virtual Device on you computer.


Use the OM13098 evaluation board from NXP to evaluate how a real device communicate with Google Cloud IoT Core.