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MicroEJ VEE technology allows to run the real binary embedded code on Virtual Devices: try it! This is not yet another simulator, it is a true binary code simulator.

Download Virtual Device


Evaluate MicroEJ technology, functionalities and tools by downloading MicroEJ Software Development Kit.


Download MicroEJ for free embedded development

Download MicroEJ SDK v20.10
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MICROEJ SDK is an IDE built on Eclipse for creating feature-rich applications for platforms based on the MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE).

Supported Operating System

MICROEJ SDK runs on the following operating systems: Windows (7–8-8.1-10), Linux, macOS.

A Java™ Runtime Environment 8 is needed on your host computer for running MICROEJ SDK. Download Java™ Runtime Environments


Download the installer package corresponding to your host computer OS.


  • Unzip the downloaded installer package, if needed.
  • Run the unzipped executable file.
  • On Windows, accept the administrator privileges elevation.
  • Follow the installer steps.
  • Proceed to the next step.

Connect MicroEJ Central Repository

For MICROEJ SDK to connect to the MicroEJ Central Repository, follow the procedure:

  • For Windows, create the folder: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\.microej.
  • For Linux, create the folder: /home/$USER/.microej.
  • For macos, create the folder: /Users/$USER/.microej.
  • Download and save this file microej-ivysettings-5.xml to the previously created .microej folder.

Application Development on Embedded Systems

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Step 1: Create Your First Application

Get used to MicroEJ Technology, tools and libraries by creating an app on both a Virtual Device and a real (physical) device.

Create Your First App

Software Platform on Embedded Systems

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Step 2: Build Your First Embedded Platform

Learn how to create and enhance a MicroEJ VEE platform: leverage existing libraries (Java, C, etc.) on top of existing BSP software (RTOS, drivers, etc.) and start prototyping your embedded software.

Build Your First Embedded Platform