What is a MicroEJ Runtime Environment?

A MicroEJ Runtime Environment defines a set of MicroEJ APIs exposed to a MicroEJ Sandboxed Application.


You can find below what are the different APIs included in the Runtime Environment:

API Purpose
EDC Core APIs for the execution.
B-ON Memory Usage control and Sequences start-up.
KF Required by the implementation of Shared Interfaces, an inter-application communication process.
COMP or COMPONENTS Lightweight Services Framework.
WADAPPS Wadapps Application Framework.
MICROUI Main UI library for MicroEJ.
LEDS or MICROUI-LEDS UI library specific to LEDs.
BUTTONS or MICROUI-BUTTONS UI library specfic to buttons.
MWT Widgets framework based on MicroUI.
NET Socket (TCP/UDP) library.
CONNECT or CONNECTIVITY Network connectivity detection library.
SSL Secure Socket Layer.
HAL GPIO Access (digital and analog)
ECOM Device access framework.
COMM or ECOM-COMM Serial ports support for the ECOM.

What is a MicroEJ Flavor?

A MicroEJ Flavor is a composition of a set of runtime services, resident applications and a given MicroEJ Runtime Environment.

MicroEJ Flavor MicroEJ Runtime Environment Resident Apps
About Management App-Metadata-Storage AppList Desktop-Browser Desktop-Weather Settings CommandServer-Socket NTP
Blue MicroEJ-Developer
Red MicroEJ-UI
Yellow MicroEJ-Developer
Purple MicroEJ-Headless

You can find below what are the different System Apps included in the Flavor:

System Apps Purpose
About Displays version information about the firmware.
Management Contains the implementation of Wadapps framework services, required by all firmware.
App-Metadata-Storage Stores some Applications Metadata (icons, descriptions) so that it can be locally used by a MicroEJ Companion.
AppList An application browser, can be used to start, stop or uninstall the applications, or display their descriptions and version information.
Desktop-Browser Displays a desktop that allows the management of MicroEJ Applications using a connection to a MicroEJ Store.
Desktop-Weather Displays a desktop with local weather information.
Settings Displays the Firmware parameters and settings.
CommandServer-Socket Allows the deployment of MicroEJ Applications through a local network connection.
NTP Synchronizes the time of the device.