NXP i.MX RT595 Platform

MicroEJ VEE for i.MX RT595 is a standard Virtual Execution Environment focusing on Security, Embedded GUI and Low-Power.

This NXP+MicroEJ combined solution targets following markets: smart thermostats, wearable, appliances, industrial computing, automation, automotive, medical, smart meters and printers.

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i.MXRT595 Crossover Processor


MicroEJ and Android comparison

See For Yourself! Wearable Demo on NXP i.MX RT595

Virtual Device

A Virtual Device Player runs an empty Virtual Device loaded with one specific Application. No need to download MICROEJ SDK to experiment the application on any desktop.

For Windows, Linux, macOS
For more information or to access the demo sources, contact us!
Download Virtual Device

MicroEJ Embedded Device Demo

A MicroEJ embedded device demo combines a MICROEJ VEE and an application. It is a binary package that is flashable on a physical device’s board. For more information or the access the demo sources, contact us!


  • i.MX RT595 EVK
  • USMPA0MIPI LCD Bridge Board
  • USMP-A014-040040MCM-A1 400×400 AMOLED MIPI-DSI display

Flash tools: IAR Embedded WorkBench

Download Embedded Device Demo