NXP LPCXpresso546xx VEE

The LPC546xx MCU family combines the power efficiency of the 220 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 core with multiple high-speed connectivity options, advanced timers, and analog features. DSP capabilities enable LPC546xx MCU devices to support complex algorithms in data-intensive application.



  • Diagnostic equipment
  • HVAC, building control and automation
  • Multi-node/multi-protocol communication hubs
  • Sensor nodes and industrial control devices
  • Smart home appliance
  • Vehicle telematics/fleet management

Get started with OM13098: LPCXpresso54628 Development Board

Create Your First Application

Familiarize yourself with MicroEJ technology, libraries and tools by building your first UI or REST application on real or virtual device (digital twin of your device).



Build Your First VEE

Learn how to create and extend your own MICROEJ VEE for LPCXpresso54628. Leverage our C/Java libraries to start prototyping and take advantage of our extensive developer documentation.


Get started with OM13092: LPCXpresso54608 Development Board

MICROEJ VEE Implementations for OM13092

MicroEJ VEE for OM13092 leverages FreeRTOS compiled with IAR C Toolchain. It provides a graphical user interface, a TCP/IP network connection, a file system on SD-Card and some custom GPIOs. It also includes the board reference implementation and a practical guide to learn how to create applications on a simulator and real device.


  • Footprint optimized VEE (tiny): SOURCE
  • Single-app VEE (mono-sandbox): SOURCE
  • Mult-app VEE (multi-sandbox): SOURCE

Above MICROEJ VEE Implementations for OM13092 are only available for SDK v4.1 and are not recommended for new design (instead see MICROEJ VEE for OM13098) DOWNLOAD SDK V4.1.

Contact us for SDK v5.0 support.

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