NXP KL46 Development Board

The Kinetis KL4x MCU family is designed with efficiency in mind. This general purpose MCU combines ultra-low-power performance, a multi function USB port, and a rich suite of analog, communication, timing and control peripherals (including a segment LCD controller) that makes it the perfect solution for cost-sensitive, portable applications requiring long battery life-time.



  • Electronic scales
  • Flow meters
  • Smart meters
  • Thermostats

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MICROEJ VEE Implementations for NXP KL46

MICROEJ VEE for KL46 includes the IAR C Toolchain and runs bare-metal. It includes several extensions, such as COM port and several internal and external memories. Our platform pack includes the board reference implementation and a practical guide to learn how to create applications on a simulator and real device.


  • Footprint optimized VEE (tiny): SOURCE
  • Single-App VEE (mono-sandbox): SOURCE
  • Multi-app VEE (multi-sandbox): On request

Above NXP KL46 VEE implementations are only available for SDK v4.1 and are not recommended for new design. DOWNLOAD SDK V4.1.

Contact us for SDK v5.0 support.

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By following our Get Started guide, learn how to setup your board, program the MicroEJ firmware and run the MicroEJ Virtual Device Player.

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