Silicon Labs WF200 Wi-Fi Transceiver

WF200 devices powered by MicroEJ are the perfect Wi-Fi transceivers for secure, low-power IoT Wi-Fi applications.

The transceiver is a 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n radio (MAC and PHY layer), optimized for low power and optimal RF performance in crowded RF environments, supporting Linux-based and RTOS-based hosts to deliver a complete Wi-Fi solution.

High speed SPI and SDIO host interfaces provide flexibility and throughput, and an optional secure link interface between the host and the transceiver enhance security.

  • Very-low power transceiver IC with DTIM3 less than 298uA
  • Ultra-compact package device as small as 4x4mm
  • Extended temperature range (-40/+105degC) for Industrial Applications
  • Secure Boot, Encrypted host interface and Secure Key storage
  • MicroEJ VEE production ready

MICROEJ VEE Implementations for Silicon Labs WF200 Wi-Fi Transceiver

MICROEJ VEE for Silicon Labs WF200 is available upon request. Ask us for more info!
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