NXP FRDM-MCXN947 Development Board

Explore the full capabilities of the NXP FRDM-MCXN947 devlopment board, renowned for its flexibility, affordability, and scalability.

The FRDM-MCXN947 serves as a compact and scalable development board, ideal for swiftly prototyping MCX N94 and N54 MCUs. Featuring industry-standard headers for convenient access to the MCU’s I/Os, integrated open-standard serial interfaces, external flash memory, and an on-board MCU-Link debugger, these boards cater to diverse development needs. This high-performance, low-power development board come equipped with intelligent peripherals and accelerators, striking the perfect balance between performance and power efficiency.

Target applications: industrial, smart home, smart city, and more.


MICROEJ VEE Implementations for NXP FRDM-MCXN947

Get started with the VEE Port for the NXP MCXN947 Freedom board supported by NXP Platform Accelerator. This VEE Port includes Foundation Libraries such as MicroUI, Networking, AI, and GPIO.
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