MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write a MicroEJ Sandboxed Application, run it on a Virtual Device, deploy it on a MicroEJ-ready device, and publish it to a MicroEJ Store.

You can download the MicroEJ Studio through the Getting Started Studio.

MicroEJ SDK allows firmware developers to build a MicroEJ-ready device, by integrating a MicroEJ Architecture with both Java and C software on their device.

You can download the MicroEJ SDK through the Getting Started SDK.


A MicroEJ Architecture is a software package that includes the MicroEJ Runtime port to a target instruction set and a C compiler, and MicroEJ Foundation Libraries.

MicroEJ Architectures are either distributed within the MicroEJ SDK installer or when importing new reference platform sources.


A MicroEJ Platform is a software package includes the build of a C board support package (BSP, with or without RTOS), a MicroEJ Architecture, adaptation layers, the MicroEJ Simulator and its associated MicroEJ Mocks.

Platform sources are distributed through here.

Multi-Sandbox Firmware     &     Virtual Devices

A MicroEJ Firmware is the result of the binary link of a MicroEJ Standalone Application with a MicroEJ Platform. Specifically a MicroEJ Multi-Sandbox Firmware is a MicroEJ Firmware that implements the ability to be extended, by exposing a set of APIs and a memory space to link MicroEJ Sandboxed Applications.

A MicroEJ Virtual Device is a software package that includes the equivalent of a MicroEJ-ready device (Runtime, Libraries and Resident Applications) for testing a MicroEJ Sandboxed Application in MicroEJ Studio.

  • MicroEJ Multi-Sandbox Firmware and their associated Virtual Devices (VDE) are distributed through the MicroEJ Store or through the Getting Started pages.
  • MicroEJ Firmware Flavors description can be found here.
  • MicroEJ Virtual Devices can be imported in the MicroEJ Studio.