Key Features

  • Automatic RAM usage optimizer
  • Display interface controllers: parallel, SPI, DSI, MIPI
  • Buffer configurations: single, dual bank (copy and swap), split buffer
  • Smart display interface: display synchronization with no tearing and fine controlled refresh rate
  • Multiple depth color support, including reduced color palettes (LUT)
  • Thread-safe software libraries for heavy multi-tasking execution
  • Object Oriented Programming (MVC UI design pattern)
  • Rich font engine: all character sets, internationalization, ellipsis
  • Robust input event manager
  • Extensible APIs for drawing optimizations (asm, hardware)
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UI Framework


Micro User Interface (MicroUI)

  • Universal portability across different displays and hardware
  • 2D graphics (lines, circles, ellipses, thick and anti-aliased shapes)
  • Internationalization
  • Text ellipsis
  • Hardware events like buttons or touch/multi-touch
  • MVC UI design pattern architecture
  • Thread-safe
  • Events profiling (Segger SystemView, loggers)
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for automated testing
  • Light font engine
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Widgets Libraries

  • Intuitive composite and layout
  • A rich collection of powerful and customizable building blocks
    • buttons, images, labels
    • progress, sliders, spinners
    • radio, toggles
  • Combines small memory footprint and beautiful look & feel.
  • Fast and fluid transitions and animations (linear, elastic, ease in/out)
  • Easy-to-use frameworks to easily manage reusable UI blocks
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Test A GUI Application With A Software Robot

By following this guide, learn how to to test a GUI application with a software robot for robotic process automation (RPA).

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MicroUI And Multithreading

Learn how to use threads to handle various UI activities.

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Font Designer

Learn how to use MicroEJ’s Font Designer Module in order to create and edit fonts.

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Get access to various examples to learn how to create and use a font, use anti-aliased shapes, draw a gradient on a display, create and use images, and more.


Widget Demo

This demo illustrates the Widget library (ej.widget,, ej.animation, ej.color) based on MicroUI 2 and MWT 2.

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Weather Demo on Sony’s Spresense

Easily create a weather demo for the Sony’s Spresense Development Board.


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Developer Documentation

Explore MicroEJ’s Embedded GUI documentation to learn more about MicroUI, Static Initialization, LEDs, Inputs, Images, Fonts and Simulation.

Developer Guide

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Get access to our featured starter kits to let you try and evaluate our technology for IoT applications.

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