Create Beautiful GUIs with Morisawa Fonts

MicroEJ collaborates with Morisawa, Japan’s leading font foundry, to deliver impeccable UI/UX experiences on smart electronic products thanks to beautifully designed TrueType and raster fonts that guarantees optimal readability, attracts attention, and conveys brand personality.

Morisawa fonts, which are characterized by their great variety and sophisticated design, are considered of the highest quality internationally, both for their traditional and digital formats. Their high level of readability and legibility make those fonts particularly suitable for smart devices with small displays, such as smart watches, cookers, home thermostats, printers, medical devices, industrial products, etc.

MicroEJ and Morisawa Synergies

Easy Readability on Small Screens

Embedded devices user interfaces presents lots of challenges: small screens, potentially round shaped, low resolution, low hardware resources… MicroEJ UI solution, combined with Morisawa world leading fonts, ensure optimal readability and legibility on any type of screens, and guarantees ideal fonts sharpness even in small size.

Address New Markets Faster

MicroEJ helps you localize your product to address new markets faster by providing a wide set of TrueType and Bitmap fonts, including complex international layouts such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean, in a compact and efficient format. This way, you make sure your user interface stays beautiful and attractive in multiple languages.

An International Ecosystem of Software Integrators

MicroEJ collaborates with Software Imaging to support its business development in Asia, and more specifically in Japan in relation with Japanese technology suppliers such as Morisawa.

Additionally, Software Imaging provides expert engineering service levels to assist customers in developing their GUI software with MicroEJ solutions for market-winning smart devices.

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