MicroEJ Central Repository

MicroEJ Central Repository

This repository gathers software modules that can extend your MICROEJ SDK and MICROEJ Studio development environments.
They are compatible with all supported architectures and MICROEJ VEEs and can be used as is – in binary format.

Using the Repository

  • You can browse the repository through your Web browser from the modules path.
  • Explore Java packages and classes available to application developers by browsing the Central Repository Javadoc.

Evaluation Setup

This configuration is recommended during the evaluation of MICROEJ technologies.
The repository can be accessed automatically, it is set up by default in your MICROEJ SDK or MICROEJ Studio.

Production Setup

This setup is recommended when working with production code.
For offline use, you can download the offline repository:

  •     Once downloaded, unzip the archive.
  •     Go to your MICROEJ SDK or Studio.
  •     Go to the module settings: Window > Preferences > MicroEJ > Module Manager > Module Repository > Settings File.
  •     Replace the settings path by selecting the ivysettings file at the root of the repository you unarchived before.

To build your own repository for production follow this documentation.
For self-hosted use, please refer to docs.microej.com.

For older repositories please follow this link.

MicroEJ Module Manager

The MicroEJ Module Manager (MMM) assists you in maintaining the correct version dependency between different software components and your application.

More Info


Access our Change Logs to know more about the latest software modules that can extend your MICROEJ SDK development environment.

More Info


Software Packages contained in this directory have been selected by MicroEJ Corp for being fully compliant with MicroEJ Technologies.

“Compliant” means that they have been technically tested with, or specifically designed for MicroEJ software and that their respective licenses have been validated by MicroEJ Corp. Legal Department.

As such, MicroEJ Corp. warrants that it is possible to use each software contained in this directory together with MicroEJ technology:

  • The software license (that can be either Open-Source or MicroEJ Proprietary with readable source code) must be respected.
  • Normal use (if the software license is respected) of any software contained in this directory will not lead into any obligation to release your application source code and will not impact MicroEJ software rights.

Software released for testing purpose only may be subject to recursive license (such as GPL license). When not redistributed (in the binary executable) and only used by the licensee to make tests, the limitation of the recursive license is not an issue. In case of doubt, you should consult your IT legal department.

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