Accelerate IoT Software Development with Telit Cinterion ME910C1 Module Powered by MicroEJ

MicroEJ has ported its VEE software container on Telit Mobile IoT Modules to facilitate software application re-use, accelerate innovation and requirements validation, and leverage Telit cellular modems’ new features and innovations.

MICROEJ VEE complements Telit AppZone, enabling engineers to:

  • Take advantage of a wide set of high-level APIs to open development to a wider developer ecosystem (Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Kotlin languages)
  • Work seamlessly whether on module or on external MCU
  • Parallelize software and hardware development to design more products in the same timeframe
  • Add new services and update your software applications dynamically to manage protocols, cloud agents, analytics

The ME910C1 is the LTE UE Category (Cat) M1/NB1 specially designed for IoT use cases requiring minimum power consumption and extended coverage. The modules support power saving mode and extended discontinuous reception (eDRX), which together allow the module to wake up periodically, exchange small amounts of data with the network and return to sleep, providing for years of battery life.

Target applications for Telit ME910C1 Module powered by MicroEJ includes: Smart metering, security and surveillance, point of sale, health monitoring, fleet management, asset tracking and wearable.

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MicroEJ Integration in Telit’s Ecosystem

Integrated with Telit IoT AppZone

Applications run on an optimized and secure standard software container, with full Software/Hardware abstraction, and allow to leverage software skills that are widely available. Advanced development teams can distribute functions across different layers, using Telit SDK to develop BSP functions and drivers in C/C++, while using MicroEJ layer to develop the high level application.


Integrated with Telit OneEdge

Software apps developed with MicroEJ can be installed and launched dynamically through LwM2M with Telit OneEdge IoT deployment management solution. Zero touch onboarding is so easy to use that it redefines the design, deployment and life cycle management of your IoT products and solutions, while guaranteeing end-to-end security. Your devices are ready to register on the mobile network and connect to the cloud upon activation, delivering immediate value from your data.

MicroEJ and Telit Cinterion Competitive Differentiators

Reduced Costs

MicroEJ enables software development in high level languages (Java, JavaScript, Kotlin,…) on the module itself, which eliminates the need for an external processor. Additionally, MicroEJ comes with its Virtual device counterpart for desktop environments, allowing engineers to reduce design cycles and validate BOM costs early in the process.

Accelerated Time to Market

MICROEJ VEE radically accelerates time to market by parallelizing hardware and software development to design more products in the same timeframe. Thanks to hardware abstraction, software assets developed with MicroEJ can be reused to easily extend product lines.

Easy Application Life Cycle Management

Software applications created with MicroEJ can be downloaded over-the-air to update the device according to the latest IoT innovations and security requirements.

ME910C1-WW IoT Module Connectivity Live Demo



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