MICROEJ VEE for Cinterion PLS63-W Modules

The Cinterion PLS63-W offers cost-optimized global IoT connectivity with 18 Band LTE Cat.1 and 2G/3G fallback, ensuring seamless coverage. Regional variants target specific connectivity needs.

MicroEJ’s tailored solution for Telit Cinterion modules integrates software development, application management, and security, and reduces time-to-production. This integration is advantageous for building highly integrated, low -power edge computing products.

Its sandboxing capabilities simplify software management, reduce update payload, and enable on-the-go app updates, facilitating a faster go-to-market strategy.

Target Applications: smart meters, asset trackers, healthcare apps, wearables, smart city

MicroEJ and Telit Cinterion Synergies

Faster Go to Market: Up to x3 Velocity

MicroEJ radically simplifies IoT software development by integrating simulation (development and testing on virtual devices), continuous integration and Object Oriented Programming, where software components are integrated and tested separately.

Flexible Software Content Management

Software applications are developed once and used on various Telit Cinterion modules with no modification, and can be deployed or updated over-the-air on a large fleet of heterogenous devices.

Enhanced IoT Reliability

MICROEJ VEE partitions software components into trusted sandboxes, reinforcing control over misbehaviors by monitoring resource usage in real time against abnormal processing demands or memory consumption.

Enhanced IoT Security

MicroEJ provides an industry unique executable binary code verification before any run and enhances the digital IDs and security attributes embedded into the roots of Telit CinterionCin IoT modules.

MICROEJ VEE Implementations for Telit Cinterion PLS63

MICROEJ VEE for Telit Cinterion PLS63 is available upon request. Ask us for more info!
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