Renesas S7G2 Development Kit

Designed for high-compute, performance-intensive, networked control applications requiring full memory redundancy, the S7G2 MCU Group has 3 to 4 MB of flash memory and 640 KB of SRAM. Rich in features, it includes a Graphics LCD Controller, 2D Drawing Engine, Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit, advanced analog, Ethernet MAC Controller with IEEE 1588 PTP, USB 2.0 High-Speed and Full-Speed, SDHI, Quad SPI, and safety and security features, to handle a wide range of complexity.



  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • USB, Ethernet, and/or Bluetooth connected devices

For additional information about MicroEJ and Renesas partnership, please visit MicroEJ’s partner page on Renesas website.

MICROEJ VEE Implementations for Renesas S7G2

MICROEJ VEE for Renesas S7G2 includes ThreadX, GCC C Toolchain, a graphical user interface, a TCP/IP network connection, a file system on SD card, COM connections (via UART) and some custom GPIOs.


  • Single-app VEE (mono-sandbox): SOURCE
  • Multi-app VEE (multi-sandbox): SOURCE

Above MICROEJ VEE Implementations for Renesas S7G2 are only available for SDK v4.1 and are not recommended for new design. DOWNLOAD SDK V4.1.

Contact us for SDK v5.0 support.

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