Renesas RX63N Development Kit

RX631/RX63N Group microcontrollers come in a comprehensive memory vs. package lineup to suit your system scale. In addition to standard functions such as 12-bit A/D converter, motor control timers, SCI, RSPI, I2C, CAN, and safety features, connectivity functions such as Ethernet and USB host have been enhanced. The lineup also includes products possessing specialized functions, such as sensing/image display using a CMOS camera, or security (hardware AES encryption). Products that support high-temperature (105°C) operation are also available.



  • Security (Housing equipment)
  • Metering (Housing equipment)
  • Security (Building management, Office)
  • Metering (City)
  • Connectivity (Wired)
  • Human Interface Machine

For additional information about MicroEJ and Renesas partnership, please visit MicroEJ’s partner page on Renesas website.

MICROEJ VEE Implementations for Renesas RX63N

MICROEJ VEE for Renesas RX63N is available upon request. Ask us for more info!
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