Get Ready for Next-Generation 5G Massive IoT with Sequans Monarch 2 GM02S Module Powered by MicroEJ

The Sequans/MicroEJ collaboration facilitates the porting of non-cellular applications to cellular and provides the lowest power consumption solution available on the market.

Monarch 2 cellular IoT connectivity modules feature ultra-low power consumption, drawing a mere 1µA when using low power modes such as PSM (power saving mode) or eDRX (extended discontinuous reception). This breakthrough low power achievement enables more than 20 years of battery life for gas and water meters—the best in the industry. The Monarch 2 GM02S module is ideal for adding LTE-M and/or NB-IoT LTE connectivity to narrowband, low data rate M2M and IoT devices.

MICROEJ VEE solution provides down-scaled virtualization for small electronic devices that require long-lasting autonomy while providing means to future-proof your device to keep up with IoT innovations.

Target applications for Sequans Monarch 2 powered by MicroEJ includes: Utility meters, Industrial sensors, Health, Smart home, Smart city and Wearables. Find out more about Sequans and MicroEJ partnership by downloading our brochure.

A demo of MICROEJ VEE for Monarch 2 GM02S module will be release soon! Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter.


MicroEJ and Sequans Synergies

Reduce Hardware and Software Costs

The complete application code can now be integrated into the Sequans modem, eliminating the need for any additional processor, further reducing size, energy consumption and bandwidth usage for applications updates. MicroEJ’s software container maintains the strict separation between modem code and application.

Enable an App Ecosystem

By choosing MicroEJ, OEMs can easily customize their smart meter, gateway, or communication module application to fit the current or future need of each utility. Apps can be dynamically updated over time without having the touch the device to keep up with the latest IoT and Smart Grid evolutions to greatly extend device lifespan.

Capitalize on Software Assets

Developers can reuse and duplicate the software on several devices while guaranteeing optimal security and integrating new features without disrupting the design of new IoT products thanks to MICROEJ VEE hardware abstraction layer.

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Take advantage of reliable and future proof connectivity (Wi-Fi, LTE-M, NB-IoT, etc) and accelerate your product development with ready-to-use IoT protocols.


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