Spresense board by Sony – unique combination of computing power and power efficiency.

IoT development on the edge in real time requires high computing power in order to process sensors and actuator data and to minimize communications between client and server, hence reducing latency and bandwidth usage.

Introducing Sony's Spresense development board, a completely open platform for further extensions, that comprises a System on Chip processor with 6 ARM® Cortex® M4 CPU cores that combines low power and high performance.

This unique combination opens up completely new possibilities for IoT applications involving on-device machine learning, fast rendering and high amounts of local data computing, all while keeping power consumption at a very low level.

In this demo, MicroEJ demonstrated how Sony’s CXD5602 multicore microcontroller makes Sony's Spresense board ideal for prototyping new projects that demands fast on-device computing.

In this Weather Demo, computing processing is split in different cores: here, one CPU is used to process the GUI, and another for MP3 decoding. Use of parallelization enabled high performance and seamless GUI.

Added to those benefits, the embedded virtualization platform provided by MicroEJ (less than 150 KB) enhances the software execution security level, making the Spresense board by Sony suitable for secure IoT applications.

Follow the steps in the following pages to get started!

Build and test your platform

Try out the Weather Station Demo