MicroEJ Central Repository

You'll find on this Apache Ivy repository software artifacts that can extend your MicroEJ SDK or MicroEJ Studio development environment.
They are compatible with all architectures and platforms supported by MicroEJ OS and can be used as is - in binary format.


Software Packages contained in this directory have been selected by MicroEJ for being fully compliant with MicroEJ Technologies.
“Compliant” means that they have been technically tested with - or specifically designed for- MicroEJ software and that their respective licenses have been validated by MicroEJ legal department.
As such, MicroEJ warrants that it is possible to use each software contained in this directory together with MicroEJ technology:

For more details, you should consult your IT legal department or you can ask MicroEJ Legal Department.

Using the Repository

You can browse the repository through your Web browser from the artifacts/ path.

Working Online

This repository can be accessed automatically, it is set up by default in your MicroEJ Studio or MicroEJ SDK.

Working Offline

For offline use, you can download the offline repository:

For older repositories please follow this link.