Thales's Cinterion EXS82-W Wireless IoT Module

MicroEJ on-device platform supports Thales IoT modules such as the EXS82-W Global MTC Module (LTE Cat.M/NB/2G) to enable integrated software development, flexible application management, security by design, accelerated development and faster time-to-production.

The innovative Cinterion platform based on a Qualcomm’s SoC and the mature LTE ecosystem to deliver global LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity with 2G fallback to cover scenarios where LTE-M and/or NB-IoT are not yet available.

MicroEJ leverages Thales IoT modules computing power, eliminating the need for an external processor, further reducing size, energy consumption and electronic costs, as well as decreasing data bandwidth usage for software updates.

Target Applications:

The platform is ideal for small devices in remote locations that requires total reliability at all times, such as smart metering, medical devices, smart homes and cities, payment terminals (PoS) and remote monitoring.

MicroEJ and Thales Synergies

Faster Go to Market: Up to x3 Velocity

MicroEJ radically simplifies IoT software development by integrating simulation (development and testing on virtual devices), continuous integration and object oriented programming, where software components are integrated and tested separately.

Flexible Software Content Management

Software applications are developed once and used on various Thales modules with no modification, and can be deployed or updated over-the-air on a large fleet of heterogenous devices.

Enhanced IoT Reliability

MICROEJ VEE partitions software components into trusted sandboxes, reinforcing control over misbehaviors by monitoring resource usage in real time against abnormal processing demands or memory consumption.

Enhanced IoT Security

MicroEJ provides an industry unique binary code verification before any run and enhances the digital IDs and security attributes embedded into the roots of Thales IoT modules.

MicroEJ Demos for the Thales EXS82-W IoT Module

Data Collection and Sharing over MQTT

With this example, discover how to collect temperature and GPS data and safely share the information to the Cloud through an MQTT server.

This demo is available either for the Cinterion LGA DevKit for the EXS82-W IoT Module, or for its digital twin (virtual device).



For more information or to access the demo sources, contact us!

Device Software Content Management over LwM2M

Discover how to connect to a LwM2M server, browse MICROEJ Forge content to select and download an application and manage its life cycle remotely.

This demo is available for the Cinterion LGA DevKit for the EXS82-W IoT Module. Virtual device demo will be released very soon, stay tuned for more info!



For more information or to access the demo sources, contact us!